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Located in Denver Colorado, Innovative TR Solutions is a Human Resources consulting firm, concentrated on the needs of companies and their Total Rewards offerings with an emphasis within Compensation.

We have deep, functional expertise in Total Rewards, Total Rewards leadership and Compensation.  You will find our consulting services to be invaluable as you design, implement and maintain your Total Rewards offerings.  We believe that every circumstance is unique and when you need help it’s important to partner with someone who has been through it before. We can understand your needs and help develop a unique solution while still employing industry best practices.

Rebecca Shipley

Rebecca Shipley is a leader in the Total Rewards (TR) space with experience in the strategy, design, and implementation of all TR programs. She has developed a deep background in Compensation and has led multiple Total Rewards teams. Rebecca has led and designed overall Human Resources mission, vision, values, and long-term road-maps.

In Total Rewards, Rebecca has designed and communicated various and diverse base salary structures, short-term and long-term incentive plans as well as sales compensation programs.   She has designed and implemented full-replacement Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRA) of Consumer Directed Health Plans (CDHP).  She has also created innovative programs that benefited both companies and employees, such as Flexible Time-Off Programs and Sabbatical Programs. 

Additionally, Rebecca has been the HR lead for all activities of moving a company from public to private status and well as directing many acquisitions for a multi-functional integration team; including redesigning the entire Human Resources integration process.  She also has experience presenting, communicating and supporting executive compensation programs for Compensation Committees of the Board of Directors.      

Joshua Yelenick

Josh is a high-level, technical-oriented professional concentrated within Compensation, Human Resources Information Systems, Benefits, and Internal Audit.

Skilled at identifying reasonable and simplified solutions to complex challenges through data, analytics, system solutions, and overarching sustainable efficiency Josh has designed, reconfigured, implemented, and administered diverse Human Resource Structures, Processes, Forms, Management Systems, and Acquisitions.

Chelsea Hamilton

Chelsea is a detail-oriented Human Resources professional with a strong background in HR systems, benefits and compliance. She has dedicated 8 years of her career to supporting both public and private Real Estate Investment trusts, higher education, and fitness industries.

Chelsea is experienced in the design, implementation and administration of HR Information systems, Performance Management systems, Wellness platforms, Employee Engagement surveys, Open Enrollment processes, Benefit Plan design, internal company communication, general employee support, and HR M&A work.

As a focused human resource professional, Chelsea believes in chasing opportunities that impact companies and their employees. She is focused on improving systems and processes, increasing efficiencies, and most importantly, ensuring employees feel valued and engaged.


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